with informative online videos and interactive assessments covering all topics of maths for grades 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.


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Step 3: Log in by clicking on the person icon on the right of the menu. Parents will be able to log in with their email address and the password selected during sign up. Learners will need to sign up using their email address and the auto generated password that was emailed to them.
Step 4: Use the Mathmatica site as often as you like

Definitely. All the learners who use Mathmatica on a regular basis and are dedicated to improving their marks, have shown remarkable improvement. The lessons are carefully designed and structured by professional mathematics educators and cover the South African curriculum. You will have access to your grade and previous grades, which means you can go back and plug any gaps.

Yes, provided you think you know the work and just want to do some practice examples.

Mathematics builds on previous knowledge and many times there are gaps because learners lack confidence and are too shy to ask for help. Today with large classes, it can be difficult to give individuals attention and teachers need to teach at a fast rate to cover the whole curriculum. This can lead to learners falling behind because there is not enough time to absorb and reinforce lessons. Full extra-curricular programs leave learners with little time to attend extra maths lessons and extra maths lessons can be costly.

Mathematics is required for many highly skilled jobs, which is what we need in South Africa. Mathematics helps us to reason and think in a logical way. Success in mathematics builds confidence and helps opens doors to a broader career choice. Mathematics is the most widely used subject in the world.

No. The Mathmatica platform is for practice and to help improve your maths marks. You cannot obtain a matriculates certificate through the site.

Yes, parents will be redirected to their own dashboards where they will be able to monitor their child’s progress.

No. Mathmatica only covers the SA and IEB curriculum (CAPS).

No. It does not benefit a learner to share the platform due to the reporting system.

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